Learn About Holi, The Festival Of Colors, In These Delightful Children’s Books


Laughter and smiles seem to be contagious as colors fly and dance through the sky during the celebration of Holi. A holiday full of fun where the arrival of spring and the triumph of good over evil sends people spreading love and cheer to everyone around them. 

Holi is the Hindu festival that dates back to the 4th century and while it was once only celebrated on the Indian subcontinent, it is now celebrated worldwide. Colored powder is thrown into the air splashed on everyone. Everything becomes painted with reds, blues, and yellows turning cities and towns into a tye-dye celebration of joy. 

Many countries around the world have Holi celebrations, but if you are interested in reading your kids books that are a little more in depth about the history and cultural significance of the holiday, then be sure to check out the books below!

Festival of Colors

by: Surishtha Sehgal and Kabir Sehgal

A colorful picture book by a mother and son duo that tells the story of two siblings getting ready for the celebration. Historically, the colors for Holi were actually made from plants and flowers and this delightful children’s book tells of how the two siblings collect the flowers to make their own colors!

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Amma Tell Me About Holi

by: Bhakti Mathur

Amma Tell Me is a series of ten books of different celebrations and holidays of the Hindu religion. They are delightfully illustrated and kids will enjoy the rhymes that teach them about each one. A boy named Klaka, asks his Amma (mother) to tell him the story of Holi. It begins with a history of the holiday and continues to the celebration of colors.

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Holi Colors

by: Rina SinghHoli colors

A colorful and fun rhyming book about the celebration of Holi with delightful photographs of the actual holiday. Younger kids will love learning about the colors and how the holiday is celebrated! Be careful though, you may just find yourself heading out to buy some colored powder and celebrate yourself after seeing the fun photographs!

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Celebrate With Me: Holi

by: Shalini Vallepur

The Celebrate With Me series, teaches kids about different holidays and culinary delights around the world. Buy just one or  buy them all and give your kids a fun way to see how and what other kids their age celebrate!

Celebrate With Me: Holi

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by: Christine Webster

Another great series of books that celebrate the different holidays around the world. Best for kids aged 5-7 and a short 24 pages in length, this book about Holi will delight your kids with the colors and history of the holiday!

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