lil’gourmets Review


Bébé Voyage Rating: 7/10

Darling A: Both mom and bébé absolutely loved  lil’gourmets veggie meals. At first I was concerned that my son wouldn’t be a fan of flavors such as “Sweet Potato Curry” or “Moroccan Butternut Squash” but I was so wrong. He really enjoyed eating all the different veggie meals. I’m so happy to have expanded his palette!

 Jessica F: Lil’ gourmets are chef-inspired veggie meals, including 2 Cinnamon Beets & Apples, 2 Coconut Cauliflower Mash, 2 Moroccan Butternut Squash, and 2 Sweet Potato Curry

What Bébé loved (or not)

Darling A: My 19-month-old loves all the flavors! He has helped himself to a container any time I open the fridge.

Jessica F: 4yo and 6yo tester. Did not like flavor or consistency.

Juliet P: My kids loved the Beets & Apple flavor when mixed with greek yogurt, because they loved that the yogurt was pink! Little did they know they were getting lots of great fruits and vegetables in their dessert!

What mommy loved (or not)

Darling A: They’re organic! Very few ingredients. And interesting, flavorful mashups of foods I wouldn’t normally put together myself.

Jessica F: Mommy and nanny tried lil’gourmets. Flavors sounded interesting and was eager to try. Consistency is for an infant. Completely blended. Deep flavor was not present. Very mild. Overly bitter taste to all varieties tried.

Juliet P: We loved that this was an easy way to introduce new and exotic flavors to our children in an easy way. Plus I loved knowing that by adding one or two of these packets to chicken or fish would take care of the veggies of the meal!

Is the product easy to use/convenient?

Darling A: The individual containers are easy to stack up and store in the refrigerator. Once it’s time to eat, the containers are easy to open and the perfect size for my 19-month-old to hold in his hand.

Jessica F: Needs to be refrigerated after use. So best for home consumption if there are left overs. Or can be taken on the go and thrown out if needed. Small easy containers.

Does the product resolve a current pain point and if so how well?

Darling A: Getting enough vegetables in a day can be difficult. So lil’gourmets help when we’re falling behind on our veggie count or just when we need an easy veggie snack.

 Jessica F: No

Juliet P: Yes! If consumed at home, these are great for those busy weeknights when there is no time to come up with a great and healthy dinner in a few minutes. On the go, these are great because often when we travel, our kids end up eating unhealthy food, but lil-gourmets offers a great alternative.

How safe is the product?

Darling A: Ingredients listed are organic. There are just a few ingredients, not a 20+ line ingredient list which is great to see.

Jessica F: Assumed safe for consumption


Do you like the way the product is designed?

Darling A: Yes! It doesn’t look like the standard kid food packaging. It actually looks gourmet.

Jessica F: Simple container. Easy to use

Juliet P: I love that the little packs are eco-friendly.

Value for money

Darling A: At about $3.50 per container it’s definitely on the higher end so it wouldn’t be something that I would purchase all the time. Maybe only on months when I know I’ll need the extra meal help.

Jessica F: It is overpriced.


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