Lulla Doll by RoRo Review

Esmé awake from a nap with the Lulla Doll

Bébé Voyage mom Natalie Hunter gave her daughter Esmé a Lulla Doll by RoRo to help her sleep. With the help of Esmé, Natalie gave the doll a great review. 

Bébé Voyage Rating: 9/10

The Lulla Doll is an adorable plush doll that doubles as a sleep aid for babies, toddlers, and children.  The unique heartbeat and breathing pattern mimics that of an adult and comforts the child as if their parent or loved one was next to them. 

Esmé walking with the Lulla Doll
Esmé and Heartbeat going on a walk when we first got the LullaDoll to get her used to the new sounds

What bébé loved (or not):

My 2-year-old daughter Esmé loved the Lulla Doll immediately, naming her “Heartbeat” on the first day.   The Lulla Doll is very soft and cuddly and my daughter loves holding her. She even will remind us at night to put the heartbeat on if we forget.  

What mommy loved (or not): 

I loved being able to sleep longer at night!!!  My daughter has always had a hard time sleeping for long stretches of time; she would call for me after about 3 hours of sleep.  With the Lulla Doll Esmé slept for longer stretches of time almost immediately. She went from sleeping around 3 hours stretches to 5 hours quite soon after we got the Lulla Doll. She has even had about a dozen full nights of sleep in the past few weeks!  Another feature that I like is the ease of bringing the Lulla Doll on holiday with us, she comes in a cute bag that doesn’t take up too much space in your suitcase. We had two trips after we got the doll and it’s helped the sleep transition in a new environment.

Esmé taking a nap with her Lulla Doll
Naptime with Heartbeat!

Is the product easy to use/convenient?

Lulla Doll is simple to use, instructions on the box are easy to follow and the “noise box” is easy to turn on/off and to adjust the volume.  Its convenience is in its plushness, it’s just another doll or plush toy for your children to sleep with and the noise box is cushioned nicely so it’s not bulky or hard.

Due to my daughter’s age when we introduced her to Lulla Doll I knew the new noise at night might throw her off, so we took the doll with us on a few walks and I had Esmé hold her close so she could really hear the heartbeat and breathing sound.  I think it helped her accept the noise, rather than be thrown off by it.

Does the product resolve a current pain point and if so how well?

We have been having issues with sleeping for over a year now and Lulla Doll really did help.  As I mentioned above, getting just a few more hours of consistent, back-to-back sleep helps everyone in our family. Additionally, we also moved back to the US and the LullaDoll is helping us in our next transition: a toddler bed.

How safe is the product?

The product is safe for all ages.  They have designed it with an outside-the-crib Velcro attachment. This ensures the safety of the doll while still providing the noise function. 

Esmé awake from a nap with the Lulla Doll
Well-rested Esmé after a nap with Heartbeat

Do you like the way the product is designed?

I do like the way it was designed. The doll itself is plush and colorful. As I mentioned above, you can’t really feel the noise box, as it is cushioned in there very nicely.  

Value for money:

I think it’s a good value, it costs as much as any noise machine on the market and can easily travel with you too.  Although not technically a noise machine it does a nice job of masking other noises since it can be right next to the child when they are sleeping.

You can buy your own Lulla Doll here.

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