Dreaming Of Travel Again! Our Favorite Places We Hope To Return To – Part 2

our favorite places we dream of returning to one day!

As the world slowly starts to reopen, we have asked our team and Bébé Voyage Ambassadors to share stories of their favorite places that they are dreaming of returning to after the pandemic is over.


Our Favorite Places

Jerez is one of our favorite places we hope to return to one day


My first holiday with my husband Alex was in Jerez and we often dream of going back. We had only been going out for 5 months, but I had itchy feet and wanted to get out of London. Alex is in the wine trade, so we had to go somewhere that had wineries to visit. We settled on Jerez. It was simply incredible and I would go back in a heartbeat. We love sherry in most forms; we even served Manzanilla at our wedding instead of champagne, although the French family members weren’t happy about this! Jerez and the surrounding area have everything: Michelin starred restaurants, incredible wineries, amazing local restaurants, culture (flamenco anyone?), the Spanish riding school, and more. One of my favorite days was horseback riding to the tip of the Cape of Trafalgar; I was lucky to be able to join in a five-day trek for just one day, leaving my other half behind. Incredible memories.




My husband and I both want to go back to Iceland! We visited in spring 2016 with another travel-loving couple a few months before I became pregnant with my son. It was one of the most incredible trips we’ve ever taken together and definitely one of our favorite places! We stayed in the Sneifellsnes Peninsula in a cabin at the base of Mt. Kirkjufell and we were struck by the other-worldliness of the place. Even if we hadn’t seen the Northern Lights (which we did!), I would’ve felt this way. With the lava fields, the snow-capped mountains, the hot springs everywhere, and the long, drawn-out spring days, it’s no wonder young Icelanders believed in elves and dwarves living amongst them. (You can check out a story I wrote about it in The Expeditioner.) 

Although we went before having a kid, I’ve heard amazing things about traveling there with children. One thing we particularly loved was the culture around hot springs. We sat in a hot tub, known as a “hot pot” in Iceland, or a hot spring every day we were there. Each town we visited had a public hot spring with a larger warmed pool, and it makes me excited to bring my water-loving kid. It’s the best activity after an incredible scenic hike, which is so easy to come by in a country where there’s no end to the amazing scenery. Next time, we want to stay for a couple of weeks instead of just five days and try out some other areas of the country. 



New York City

New York City! So much to do and unique experiences. Super walkable and delicious food!








Dreaming of returning to Morocco as one of our favorite places to visit again!The place we fantasize about returning to is Morocco. We currently live in Lisbon, though we’re originally from Los Angeles, California, and it is amazing what another world we can be in with such a short 1.5-hour flight! When we visited Marrakech in December, we knew immediately that we wanted to go back again someday. The food is delicious, the culture is ancient, and the people are so kind. And there are so many different and unique parts of the country to explore. In Marrakech, we wandered around, learned about the history, ate amazing foods, got lost in the souks (in the best way possible), and then took a journey into the foothills of the Atlas Mountains where we hiked all day while our son rode a mule named Maria. We spent the night in a tiny remote Berber village with a family, an experience we will never forget. We can’t wait to hop on another flight and see where our next adventure in Morocco takes us. 

(Jennifer, Justin, and Jordan)


New South Wales

I am looking forward to returning to Forster on the New South Wales coast where we spend a week with my family almost every Australian summer. My stepdad’s family has a house that’s split into two apartments, and it perfectly accommodates our family, my mum and stepdad, and my brother and his family. It’s a seven-minute walk to a beautiful kid-friendly beach with a nearby cafe and a playground in the other direction. We cook at home most evenings, and it’s so nice to be able to enjoy a quiet (well, semi-quiet with three littles under 5!) happy hours on the deck outside. It’s a sleepy seaside town except during the summer, and being able to see my family again will be wonderful!




Thailand is one of our Director of Content's favorite places.The place I fantasize about returning to and literally one of my favorite places in the entire world, is Thailand. We have been twice and saw everything from Bangkok to Krabi and Phuket to Koh Yao Yai. Thailand is the kind of place that you can turn into any vacation you want. If you want the crazy party nightlife side, it’s there. If you want the luxury, pampered expensive side, it’s there. And if you want a relaxing, family vacation, it’s also there! Of all the places we have traveled, I’ve never found a country more diverse in its options and catering to people of all ages and price points. The beauty of the surroundings is second to none and the people are some of the friendliest in the world. The food is phenomenal and the family-friendly resorts are perfect for families like us with young kids. As soon as we can, I’d love to book a trip back there!


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