Outdoor Adventure Books That Will Get Your Kids Ready For Summer


Summer is fast approaching and that means cookouts, camping, and late night stargazing.  (Well at least for anyone in the northern hemisphere!) If your kids are anything like mine, they probably already have a countdown leading them up to the last day of school and are getting themselves excited for the “freedom” that summer brings. I know I’m actually looking forward to not having to make any more school lunches, but for parents summer also comes with the stress of trying to find enough things for them to do without hearing, “Mooooom, I’m bored!” every 5 minutes. Getting your kids, regardless of their age, outdoors and experiencing a little bit of adventure is a great way to teach them independence and responsibility. And unless you have a pop-up tent, probably a little bit of hard work as well! To get them ready for summer, here are a few great outdoor adventure books you can read to them now or take on your family getaway! 


S is for S’mores

By: Helen Foster James

A great book for all ages! For the younger kids, they can read the smaller sections with the alphabet while the older kids can read about the history and fun activities you can do while camping!

S is for S'mores. A great outdoor adventure book for kids












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Bear Grylls Adventure Sets

By: Bear Grylls

These are great books for teaching older kids about perseverance and adventure. Bear Grylls is known for his survival skills and love for adventure.  He now brings that passion to children’s books that will have your son or daughter excited about the outdoors. Enjoy one or the entire box set!












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When We Go Camping 

By: Margriet Ruurs

A beautifully illustrated book that follows one family’s camping adventure from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to sleep. The story is fun, but the illustrations will have you captivated.






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By: Lizi Boyd

This picture-only book is a fun way to teach kids about the things that go on outside at night. The younger ones in your family will enjoy turning the pages to see what is found next!

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A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee

By: Chris Van Dusen

A light-hearted and fun camping story about a man and his dog who go camping together and run into a bunch of adventures!

A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee is a great outdoor adventure books for kids

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Whose Hiding in the Woods & Whose Hiding in the River

By: Nosy Crow

These two outdoor adventure books are actually part of a larger series, but we thought these are the perfect ones to read before a camping trip or take with you on a road trip. Adorable lift-the-flaps await your little ones teaching them about all the fun animals in the forest and river!

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Goodnight Campsite

By: Loretta Sponsler

From the Goodnight series comes Goodnight Campsite where children can go around saying goodnight to everything from their tent to the outdoors!

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Usborne Shine-A-Light Series

Courtesy of Usborne books website.

With 16 to choose from, there is sure to be a great book in the series for your child! Since a flashlight is pretty much a necessity while camping, these are great books to take along and read in the tent or cabin! Kids will love using the flashlight to see the hidden objects!


Choose your own adventure

Courtesy of CYOA website

Yep, you read that right! The Choose Your Own Adventure books that we knew and loved are back. They even have made a few for the youngest in the group! Kids will love taking these along and getting lost inside the book on the biggest adventure of their lives!


Cool Backyard camping

Fun activities for the whole family while camping out anywhere from a campsite to your own backyard!

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Do you have any great outdoor adventure books that you love to read to your kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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