Pairi Daiza Resort: Sleep Next To Bears At This Unique Zoological Accommodation In Belgium


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Imagine waking up to a polar bear swimming pass your window. Or sitting down with the kids for a bedtime story and having a Siberian tiger curl up next to you. How about having a playful penguin waddle over to see if he approves of your breakfast choices? Sound like a far-fetched fantasy? Well, at Pairi Daiza Resort outside Brussels, that fantasy can become a reality. It is an award-winning zoological garden that has 100 luxury rooms giving your family both comfort and phenomenal views into eight different animal habitats in the park. From penguins and walruses to bears and wolves, there is an animal room to suit each family! All are tastefully decorated to incorporate the animal’s habitat with your own living space, giving you a sense of truly sleeping with the animals! As many of these animals are active in the early morning and evening hours, your stay will also give you a unique opportunity to see them when they are at their liveliest. 

Pairi Daiza Zoological Park

The walrus room at Pairi Daiza resort
Photo Credit: Pairi Daiza

While we know it will be hard to get the kids out of the room when staying at Pairi Daiza Resort, (who doesn’t want to play with a cute baby bear in the privacy of your own room!?) be sure to take advantage of your included admission to the zoo itself and check out what else the park has to offer. The room price also includes early admission into the park which will allow you to enjoy the nearly 200 acres of animals and gardens without all the crowds. This is a great option for families with young kids! When everyone gets tired, instead of heading back to your room, purchase tickets for the old refurbished steam train instead. The train is a fun and leisurely way to see the entirety of the park and is a great way to take a small break during your day. Afterward, grab lunch at one of the multiple restaurants on-site, or head to one of the many picnic tables in the park and enjoy a casual and slower-paced afternoon! 

Photo Credit: Pairi Daiza


Nitty Gritty

Prices for a stay at Pairi Daiza Resort start at €129 per person and include the room, admission to the park for the duration of your stay, breakfast, dinner, and non-alcoholic beverages in your room. All ages are welcome at the resort and they are extremely family-friendly with baby items available for guests such as cribs, baths, strollers, potties, and highchairs. Just let them know ahead of time so they can have it ready for you! They also have accommodations for guests with reduced mobility as well as loaner wheelchairs free of charge. 

Photo Credit: Pairi Daiza

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Conservation Efforts

With over 7,000 animals and 700 species of flora and fauna spread out across its eight different animal worlds, it was voted Best Zoological Park in Europe by the Diamond Theme Park Awards and received 3 stars from the Michelin Green Guide. On top of the amazing experience at the park itself, they are also involved in numerous conservation projects around the world including helping to restore the orangutan’s forest in Borneo and the coral reef off Bali. The Pairi Daiza Foundation is also dedicated to the reintroduction of animal and plant species into their original habitats, as well as the preservation of the world’s different cultural heritages. Throughout the park, you will find historical monuments and structures dating as far back as the 17th century. Rich in history and a dedication to the world’s wildlife, this park should be on every traveler’s bucket list. It will give your kids an unforgettable educational experience that will capture both their hearts and minds while also instilling a sense of environmental sustainability. 

Photo Credit: Pairi Daiza

Covid19 Precautions

Pairi Daiza Resort is currently open during the Covid19 pandemic, however, there are changes that have been made to ensure guest safety. Masks are highly recommended for anyone 12+ and they will be limiting the amount of guests in the park. (If you are staying at the resort your stay is your ticket and there is no additional booking that is needed). They have also increased their cleaning and sanitation of all areas of the park. For additional information, please check out their Covid19 plan on their website. Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook for updates as well as fun videos and photos such as their pandas, Bao Di and Bao Mei’s, first birthday celebration!


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