London Bundle: London Itinerary + Destination Guide



Bébé Voyage’s Itinerary for London includes 4 city walks for traveling with a baby. With these itineraries you can:

  • Gain insider knowledge about different places and activities.
  • Easily find locations, as they are all mapped out with turn by turn directions.
  • Know exactly what you need to bring with you on each itinerary.

Our 2022 London travel guide has tons of community sourced recommendations for:

  • trustworthy babysitters for a date night out,
  • charming hotels with rooms that are bigger than a shoe box,
  • vacation rentals in case you want your own kitchen and living room,
  • pediatric clinics and local baby meds, just in case.

All these items are pinned on an interactive map that you can download for off-line use. Updated post-pandemic with latest information.

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Everything you need to plan a trip to London! The Bébé Voyage London Bundle includes our 4-day London Itinerary + the Traveling with Toddlers London Destination Guide.

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London Itinerary
London Itinerary and destination Guide

London Destination Guide Features:

  • Accommodation suggestions – Neighborhoods, hotels, and resorts that are great for kids ages 0-5
  • Transportation advice – From public transit to car rentals and what to do about car seats, we’re here to help you navigate your destination like a local
  • Where to stock up – Whether you need to run out and grab diapers or pick up groceries to stock your vacation rental, we’ve listed the best grocery stores, pharmacies, and supermarkets where you’re headed
  • Baby-friendly specifics – What brands of baby items are available locally, how to say baby-related keywords and phrases, and what the deal is with changing tables, nursing, and overall baby friendliness abroad
  • How to find a babysitter – for a date night out
  • Pediatric clinics and meds – just in case
  • The best things to see and do – Museums, activities, shopping, historical sites, parks and more
  • Restaurant suggestions – A list of both casual and higher-end dining options to feed the whole family
  • Tips and tricks – Helpful advice from our global community of parents


4-day London Itinerary Features

Each itinerary for London is a walking tour you can realistically do in a day with little ones in tow. It comes with an FAQ which answers all your questions, like:

  • What gear do I need for this day out?Illustration of itinerary
  • How should I dress my family?
  • Do I need cash in my wallet?
  • What are recommended ages for this itinerary?
  • When should we start this day out?
  • How long does it take?
  • Do I need to book ahead/reserve anything?
  • When can I take this itinerary?

Both the Bébé Voyage Destination Guide and the Itineraries come with interactive maps that you can easily consult on your phone while you’re out. 

The London Itinerary also include turn-by-turn directions for easy navigation!

Everything is updated post-pandemic.