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Traveling with Toddlers to Stockholm


Our 2022 Stockholm travel guide with many community sourced recommendations.

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Why We Love Family Friendly Stockholm

Traveling to Stockholm with a baby or young child is now a breeze thanks to Bébé Voyage’s Stockholm Travel Guide.

Our Sweden travel guide for parents with young children includes airport maps with kid-friendly amenities, recommended accommodations for ages 0-5, top attractions and activities in Stockholm, diverse restaurant options, transportation advice, and baby-friendly specifics such as local brands and facilities. Get helpful tips from our community of parents to make your trip hassle-free and enjoyable.

Discover Stockholm: A Complete Travel Guide for Parents!

The guidebook offers recommendations on parks and museums suitable for toddlers, making your visit enjoyable for the whole family. With its urban sophistication and abundant access to nature, Stockholm’s multicultural atmosphere, with 30% of its population born overseas, adds to its charm. Explore the best places to travel with a baby in Sweden and more through our comprehensive research. Enjoy all that Stockholm has to offer!

Probably one of this city’s greatest appeals is the stroller accessibility. Whether you are riding public transportation or heading to a museum, just about everything in Stockholm is stroller accessible. Even the nature reserves often have at least one trail which is stroller accessible! This makes Stockholm an ideal place to visit with little ones.

With an awesome mandatory government paid parental leave scheme, Sweden understands the importance of balancing family life. You’ll see mamma and pappalattes (parents with a latte in one hand pushing the stroller with the other), just about everywhere. There is also easy access to changing tables, kids play areas, private feeding rooms and microwaves to warm bottles.

Traveling to Stockholm With Kids Has Never Been Easier

With the Complete Bébé Voyage Stockholm Travel guide, you’ll gain access to: the best places to visit in Stockholm with your little ones, family-friendly hotels in Stockholm, fun places for kids to eat in Stockholm, as well as an airport map that pinpoints family amenities in airports around the world and an interactive customized city map with our community vetted restaurants, parks and more.

Additionally, the Complete Bébé Voyage Stockholm Bébé Voyage Travel Guide includes information on how to find a babysitter and a pediatrician locally. It also has a medical section which identifies for you common over-the-counter baby and child medications available in Sweden and their equivalents. The complete edition includes a customized phrasebook which helps you translate baby gear and other key words and phrases which are relevant to traveling to Sweden with a baby.

You’ll also get access to Club Bébé Voyage, and our global community of globetrotting parents.

Got more more questions? Check out the Bébé Voyage Travel Guide F.A.Q.

Traveling with Toddlers to Stockholm
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