Traveling with Toddlers to Tokyo | A Family Friendly Travel Guide



Our 2022 Tokyo travel guide has tons of community sourced recommendations for:

  • restaurants that will delight mom, dad and baby,
  • trustworthy babysitters for a date night out,
  • charming hotels with rooms that are bigger than a shoe box,
  • vacation rentals in case you want your own kitchen and living room,
  • hidden gems that even locals don’t know about, and
  • pediatric clinics and local baby meds, just in case.
  • a complete 1-day itinerary with turn-by-turn directions for the perfect family outing.

All these items are pinned on an interactive map that you can download for off-line use. Updated post-pandemic with latest information.


Tokyo Family Travel Guide Features

Traveling to Tokyo with a baby or young child is a breeze. Bébé Voyage’s Tokyo Travel Guide includes:

  • Airport maps Easily locate kids play spaces, nursing mothers rooms, and other helpful hints for traveling with a baby through airports worldwide.
  • Accommodation suggestions neighborhoods, hotels, and resorts that are great for kids ages 0-5
  • The best things to see and do museums, activities, shopping, historical sites, parks and more
  • Restaurant suggestions a list of both casual and higher-end dining options to feed the whole family
  • Transportation advice from public transit to car rentals and what to do about car seats, we’re here to help you navigate your destination like a local
  • Where to stock up whether you need to run out and grab diapers or pick up groceries to stock your vacation rental, we’ve listed the best grocery stores, pharmacies, and supermarkets where you’re headed
  • Baby-friendly specifics  what brands of baby items are available locally, how to say baby-related keywords and phrases, and what the deal is with changing tables, nursing, and overall baby friendliness abroad
  • Tips and tricks helpful advice from our global community of parents

You’ll also get access to Bébé Voyage, and our global community of globetrotting parents.

Why We Love Family Friendly Tokyo

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With Bébé Voyage’s Family Friendly Tokyo Destination Guide, you’ll get to experience this great Asian city in a family-friendly way. This guide has recommendations on things to do for the whole family, including touring the main sites, but also how to best experience the culture like a local and what parks are nearby for your kids to go run and play. 

While Tokyo can initially feel chaotic and confusing, give it a few days. Before you know it, your children will have discovered their favorite neighborhood playground, Hello Kitty and the other ubiquitous anime characters will have crept under your skin, and suddenly you look out through the window and can’t wait to see yet another new thing in this amazing city.

With a quarter of the population over 75, it might be surprising that Tokyo is built to be extremely child-friendly. There are children’s toilets in most shopping centers, changing rooms in department stores, playgrounds in pocket-sized parks spread all over residential areas. From the air, Tokyo looks like a gray maze; from the ground, it looks like the inside of a salad bowl. It is a surprisingly green city and easy to get around. Tokyo is tradition and revolution, ancient temples and newly-built skyscrapers, all mixed together. It is the perfect place to spend your Japan family holiday.


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Traveling to Tokyo With Kids Has Never Been Easier

With the Complete Bébé Voyage Tokyo Travel guide, you’ll gain access to the best places to visit in Tokyo with your little ones, family-friendly hotels in Tokyo, fun places for kids to eat in Tokyo as well as an airport map that pinpoints family amenities in airports around the world and an interactive customized city map with our community vetted restaurants, parks and more.

question cloud bebevoyageAdditionally, the Complete Tokyo Bébé Voyage Travel Guide includes information on how to find a babysitter and a pediatrician locally. It also has a medical section which identifies for you common over-the-counter baby and child medications available in Japan and their equivalents. The complete edition includes a customized phrasebook which helps you translate baby gear and other key words and phrases which are relevant to traveling to Tokyo with a baby.

You’ll also get access to Bébé Voyage, and our global community of globetrotting parents.

Our destination guides are available as a PDF to read on any device, anywhere, anytime! You can access it on the road when you’re out exploring new places with your family.

Got more more questions? Check out the Bébé Voyage Travel Guide F.A.Q.


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