7 Reasons Why We Love Ireland And Not Just On Saint Patrick’s Day


With St. Patrick’s day just around the corner, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to check in with Club bebe voyage’s members who live or travel often to Ireland and ask what they truly cherish about traveling to the Emerald Isle. I’ve always known the Irish as a friendly people, but I had no idea the extent to which the nation has made itself such a kid-friendly country! By the sounds of it, Ireland with kids should be on every family’s must see list and here’s why!


1. You’ll be treated well before even getting there!

Aer Lingus is a great airline to travel to Ireland with kids on.

Aer Lingus has attracted an overwhelming number of glowing reviews from our members. The general consensus is that Aer Lingus is a fantastic airline and the crew is flawless with supporting families on flight. So, if you are going to travel to Ireland with kids, Aer Lingus is definitely worth checking out!

Club member Elizabeth shares her anecdote with us:

My daughter was 12 days old when I flew Aer Lingus from London to Shannon. The staff was wonderful – helped me with my bags and to dismantle the buggy at the gate. They specifically welcomed my daughter on her first flight and made a fuss of us. They made me think traveling with a newborn was easy!

2. It’s easy to travel light.

Did I just say “travel light… with a baby”? I most certainly did. The Stork Exchange at Dublin Airport is a hire/rental service based right at Dublin Airport.

Upon arrival at the airport, they meet you at a designated collection point with the equipment you’ve requested, from high chairs and pack n’ plays, to car seats and prams/strollers. They then help bring the equipment to the car, and in the case of car seats, they will actually install the child seats for you. Needless to say, they won’t leave you without also demonstrating how to use the equipment properly and safely.

Now that, my friends, is what I call premium baby service.

3. You can basically get anywhere in Ireland in less than a day.

Beautiful drive in Ireland, the kids will love checking out the sites!

Looking for a road trip holiday? Ireland might be the ideal destination for you. Traveling around Ireland with kids is extremely easy thanks to a new freeway system that connects most cities on the Emerald Isle. Plus, according to members, the tolls are scarce and cheap. Not to mention that the landscape itself is absolutely breathtaking with beautiful rolling hills and patchwork quilt fields.

4. You can soak up some Irish culture with the kids.

If there’s any part of Irish culture that has successfully exported across the globe, it’s the pub culture. I’ve come across Irish pubs in Thailand for crying out loud. So why not enjoy the true authentic pub experience with baby in tow.

Although pubs tend not to allow kids past 7pm, they are welcome before.

5. You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to kid friendly activities.

Our members agree that the whole of Ireland in general is replete with kid-friendly activities.

From magical doll palaces and puppet theaters, to historical tours and parks, the nation’s capital, Dublin, is a treat for young families.

Ireland is full of kid friendly activities like parks and playgrounds
Member Libby shares with us her favorite playground, hidden behind Stevens Green.


Ireland with kids activities
Next to the playground behind Member Libby shares with us a hidden gem, a playground behind Stevens Green is pond for duck feeding.

Just outside of Dublin, if the sun is shining, Club member Libby also recommends venturing down to Glendalough and Powerscourt.



Another member, Elizabeth, is particularly enthusiastic by the beauty and charm of her native West Coast. From Limerick to West Cork, there is no shortage of castles, markets, walks, pet farms, and beaches!

6. B&B’s are so much fun to stay in with kids and the breakfasts are usually spectacular!

Enjoy a traditional Irish breakfast, while experiencing the renowned Irish hospitality! Make the most of your trip by staying in a B&B where you’ll have an opportunity to get to know the owner and hopefully learn where the best local hotspots are hidden!

7. You might actually be able to save money on certain children’s products.

From handknitted wool sweaters to shamrock onesies, spend some time shopping for bébé in Ireland! According to one of our members, children’s clothes and shoes are 0% VAT.

Plus – contrary to some other countries, baby formula is extremely cheap.

From the not so useful, but charming, stamp on baby’s passport — even for European Union members — to tax breaks on children’s products, young families are certainly in for a treat in Ireland. If you find yourself an a more rural area, you’ll probably attract the attention of older ladies crowding around your baby exclaiming “oh isn’t he just a wee doteen” meaning what a cute baby”!

So let’s raise our glasses (and bottles) to Ireland and book our next trip with the kids to the Emerald Isle!


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