Top 5 Things to do in Stockholm with a Toddler

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Our favorite things to do in Stockholm with a toddler

As Sweden is consistently touted for its child-friendliness, we thought it was about time to share with you our favorite things to do in Stockholm with a toddler. So take a ride on the completely stroller accessible public transit system (the bus is free if you board with a stroller!), grab a kannelbull (cinnamon bun) and head out to one of the following sites to explore Stockholm with a toddler:


Junibacken – the Barbro Lindgren Children’s museum

Stockholm with a toddler Junibacken Villakulla

Astrid Lindgren is best known as the author of Pippi Longstocking. But she has written countless other children’s books and has been a mentor and inspiration to Barbro Lindgren, a contemporary children’s author. Junibacken is essentially a beautifully designed indoor play area which allows kids to jump into the setting of the Lindgrens’ tales. For Swedish speakers, they have a children’s theater program and storytelling hourly. Admission is free for children under 2 years old. You can get a taste of it in the Junibacken play area at Arlanda Airport.


Uggleparken near Kristineberg

stockholm with a toddler uggleparken

While playgrounds are abundant in Stockholm, there is trend to create thematic play structures which are both beautiful and fun. One of our favorites when in Stockholm with a toddler is Uggleparken (Owl Park), by the Kristineberg T-bana stop (behind the mini-golf). As its name would suggest, it features an oversized owl, as well as flowers, leaves, ants…



Stockholm with a toddler Skansen

If you want to go beyond Stockholm with a toddler without having to schlep all your stuff, head over to Skansen. Designed as an outdoor miniature Sweden, it has replicas of houses and landmarks from different regions, animals from around Sweden as well as music, theater and other activities. Be sure to check out Lill-Skansen which is designed with children in mind and includes a menagerie.


Boat tour

Stockholm Stromma boat tour

Most important cities are built on waterways as that is what enabled their growth. When visiting Stockholm with a toddler, a great way to introduce this concept is by taking a boat tour. There are several companies that offer different types of tours. We like Strömma because they have so many options. Our toddler loved the 50-minute canal boat tour. For a full day excursion, check out Stömma’s cruise to Birka, the Viking Island.


Vasa Museum

Vasa Museum Stockholm

For a more traditional museum experience, check out the Vasa Museum which not only appeals to history buffs and kids, but also to people who don’t even like museums! The Vasa ship sunk in the Stockholm harbor in 1628, minutes after its launch. It was exhumed, whole, in 1961. Incredibly well naturally preserved and restored,  it is an impressive window into 17th-century life. With a broad audience in mind, they built some parts of the exhibits at toddler height. You can even board the 400-year old ship!


Bébé Voyage tip: as the Vasa Museum is next to Junibacken, you can easily visit them on the same day. They both have good cafeterias or you could picnic on the greenspace between the two.


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