The Ultimate Sustainable Gifts List for Travelers


With the resurgence of travel, Bébé Voyage has compiled the best list of sustainable gifts and must-have items for you all. These are some of the top green items on the market and were created with families on the go from chosen brand partners.



Lush has become synonymous with sustainable, natural, no-waste cosmetics. From bath bombs to solid shampoo bars, from massage bars to make up there is plenty of choice for you to stock up on all your travel essentials for your next trip.Their vegetarian/vegan naked products are kind to your body and nature making them the perfect companion for any adventure. As a trailblazer in the sustainable challenge, we could not recommend Lush products more, if you would like to know more about how Lush and its sustainability commitments, simply click here. 



Wayaj the sustainable travel platform that you need to plan your next trip.  Sustainable travel is quickly becoming the future of travel with more and more tourists looking for healthier options for both the planet and the local communities they visit. Wayaj’s Alight.Travel booking site makes that easy by helping you locate eco-friendly hotels, sustainable gifts and showing you how to offset your carbon footprint. 



Reima is a leading sustainable Finnish kids activewear brand. The company is at the forefront of material innovations and recycling initiatives making their wear the best choice for your family adventures. 


New Native

Original, organic and sustainable, New Native baby carriers are perfect for the everyday task and traveling around the globe. If you want to a best sustainable gifts which is organic & original New Native Baby Carriers is for you. The carriers are fit to the wearer which means no buckles, straps or rings for an hassle free comfort and mobility.



Samsonite is the leading brand in travel bags, luggage and accessories. Their new sustainable range of suitcases, Eco-Nu, features their trademark Recycled polyester fabric, made from recycled plastic bottles. 


Saged Home

When travelling with children, a hoard of wet and dry items is unavoidable, and where else do they wind up than in a plastic bag? Say bon voyage to that unenviable collaboration and tote this cute toiletry bag along on your next adventure. Handmade by Saged Home, it features a zippered dual storage system for handling the wet things and the dry things without needing them to meet in the middle.


Marie Bee Bloom

With masks becoming the must have item, it is time we look at a friendlier option one picking single use masks. These biodegradable masks designed by Marianne de Groot-Pons are exactly what you are looking for. Simply wear your mask, plant it in your garden or flower pot and watch as the seeds sewn inside the mask grow into beautiful bee friendly flowers. 




So many of us are escaping to the outdoors this past year, making the most of the space and nature affords us. It’s great to disconnect, but the reality is it’s become second nature to want to have a phone nearby, even if it’s only for emergencies. Enter Bio-lite, a company creating devices that harness the natural energy of the sun to keep your devices humming along, even when you’re not using them. Super portable, easy to use and leading us towards a more sustainable way of staying connected, even when we’re choosing to go remote.



Whether it’s your first time camping and you’re not one hundred percent sure it’s for you, or you’re a seasoned camper but have some extra guests coming along, Arrive might be the solution you are looking for, minus the confusion and comparison of buying your own gear. Arrive serves as an outdoor gear rental platform, so you can try things out that you have heard of.

Order an extra tent for guests, or figure out if you really need that item without committing to it. Afterwards, they are sent direct to your door, it saves on storage space at your end – just send it back when you’re done!



Shopping sustainable gifts, classic & well made clothing isn’t a new approach to sustainability, but with the outdoors it really needs to be durable and practical. Arcteryx is one of those brands that is taking sustainability to the heart of their company not only when you first put on one of their items, but for the life of the clothing – including a global repair service, keeping more items out of the bin for longer. Additionally, They source their materials (both natural…and synthetic) with the environment in mind and provide transparent information about their processes on their website. Beautiful, practical clothing doesn’t need to damage our environment while we’re out there enjoying and appreciating it.


America’s National Parks (aka Eastern National)

America’s National Parks is the official online store of America’s national parks, and is operated by Eastern National. Founded in 1947, EN provides critical funding and support for educational and interpretive programs in America’s national parks and other public trusts. EN has donated over $149 million to its partners to enhance visitor experiences.

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