Tabbouleh From Syria and Lebanon: Delicious Recipes From Around The World!

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With summer in full swing, I cannot think of anything better than a delicious Syrian Tabbouleh to share amongst friends, whilst the kiddos play. This is one of my favourite dishes and so simple and quick to make, there is rarely a BBQ or summer lunch that does not feature this salad as part of the menu.


Syria is an ancient country in west Asia, bordered by Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Iraq and Jordan. Its capital, Damascus was a major point on the Silk Road and is the oldest continuously lived-in city in the world. The country has seen internal and outside conflicts for many years, with millions of people leaving the country to get to safety. Because of this crisis around 13.5 million Syrian have been displaced, making the Syrian civil war the worst humanitarian crisis of the 21st century.


Syrian cuisine is rich and varied in flavour with links to Mediterranean flavours. Tabbouleh is the perfect salad dish, fresh, light, and packed with healthy ingredients. It finds its origin in Syria and Lebanon but nowadays it has become a popular dish all over the world.



50g Bulgur wheat

50g flat-leaf parsley

50g mint

200g ripe tomatoes

3 spring onions

1 lemon, juice

3 tbsp olive oil




  • After having washed the bulgur wheat, drain it well and soak for 30 mins in a bowl of boiled water (200ml) covered with a towel.
  • Chop the parsley and mint.
  • Dice the tomatoes and finely slice the spring onions.
  • Thoroughly dry the bulgur wheat and then add the herbs, tomatoes and spring onion.
  • Add the lemon juice, olive oil and salt to taste.
  • Serve as a side to some delicious summer BBQ or kebabs.


Little Fingers Can

The nature of the recipe is so simple that with adult supervision, children of all ages can get involved in helping to prepare this dish.


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