The Best Athleisure Travel Outfits For Maternity And Toddler Chasing


Remember those paparazzi shots of celebrities walking through the airport in their effortless, casually chic athleisure travel outfits?

Well, maybe they’re still a thing? I don’t know, my oldest son is 4 so I am four years behind celebrity news.

Back when all I had to care about before a trip was my own personal wardrobe and how to expertly yet casually wrap myself in a pashmina, I used to love looking at those photos because those looks were fun to try to replicate for a trip. The moment you become pregnant, however, everything changes and you become more focused on the function than the fashion. With the advent of athleisure, though, it has become so much easier for us to not have to compromise! 

So, here are a few of our favorite athleisure travel outfits that will take you from pregnancy to nursing mama to snack-wielding mommy that is functional, fashionable, and flexible, just like you!

Bump-y Flight

The number one wardrobe staple for pregnancy travel? Leggings WITH pockets. My goodness, what a revelation. And these maternity leggings with pockets from Kindred Bravely? Come on. Leggings are key for traveling while pregnant as they allow you to move around more freely in tight spaces. The pocket for your phone and cards, boarding pass, and it looks like probably even your passport, saves you from having to bend over to reach for your bag under the seat, which is an increasingly impossible feat as your bump grows. 


As we know, moods, appetites, and comfort levels can change on a dime during pregnancy, so layers are the way to go. This super-soft crew neck t-shirt is great as it doubles as a maternity and a nursing top. To top it off, check out this super-chic reversible pullover from Nike that doubles as a maternity sweater when worn forward and a great nursing top when worn backward. Genius!  


Your doctor will probably recommend compression socks if you’re flying during pregnancy, and this comfy bamboo version will definitely make your flight more comfortable and cozy. If you really want to pamper yourself, tuck these plush slippers into your bag and do a footwear swap before take off! Both are great options to add to your athleisure travel outfits collection!

Nursing shirts that make a great addition to your athleisure travel outfits.

We’ve Now Reached Nursing Altitude  

Easy access to the food is super important when flying with a nursing baby. You’re in a tight space, probably wanting to be at least a little discreet, and above all want to reduce the amount of time fumbling around and risking a fussy babe! These nursing bras from Kindred Bravely are so soft, comfortable, and functional — they’ll make the sometimes stressful situation that is nursing in public much easier for you.

To go with the nursing bra, you’ll definitely want a nursing top with an opening that will give baby quick, easy access. I love the pretty, layered design of this tank that doubles as a maternity top. 


The Nike pullover mentioned above doubles as a sporty-chic nursing top, but if you want something a little lighter weight, this infinity pullover is such a nice option. It’s a National Parenting Products award winner for its flattering, versatile style and functionality. The roomy design provides plenty of extra fabric to give baby a little quiet coziness while snacking, and it’s something you can dress up or dress down to wear on your vacation. 


For the bottom half, high-waisted leggings are a postpartum essential, giving you a bit of extra support and coverage. The high-waisted PowerHold legging from Fabletics is a great option for the contact sport that is parenthood, pockets included of course, and a bit of extra compression to help with that core and pelvic floor recovery.

Infant Passport Photo CTA

Now that you’re traveling with a baby, there’s a lot that you’re going to feel like you need to bring, but keep it simple. It probably is wise to bring a change of clothing for the both of you in the event of a mile-high diaper blowout or epic spit-up situation, but keep the clothing lightweight and rollable, things you can easily tuck into a backpack. Think of ways you can try to prevent a huge mess in the first place, like covering yourself with lightweight muslin blankets, like these beautiful travel-themed ones from Aden and Anais


The parents in our community are big proponents of carrying babies while traveling, and it really is an ideal way to keep your hands free and help them feel more secure. Wrap carriers are great, but think about the space and whether or not you have someone to help you hold the baby while you tie it on. Remember: you will likely need to take baby out of the carrier during takeoff and landing. Baby K’tan is an excellent no-fuss option for a soft carrier that you can tuck away into a bag when not using, and the Ergobaby 360 and Líllé Baby have cult-followings in our community!


Full-Throttle Mommy

Leggings, fleece cover-up, Nike shoes and a cute backpack. A great option for your athleisure travel outfit wardrobe! Ok so now you’ve got full-on kids to not only feed and comfort but chase and entertain as well. Mom travel fashion is about making yourself a Swiss Army knife, full of hidden places that you can tuck away all the tools you need. 

We’re not moving away from the leggings with pockets (why would we?), but we are graduating to the TRIPLE pocket. These triple-layered pocket leggings from Fabletics come in a great range of colors and have space for your phone, boarding passes, cards, and hidden snacks leaving them safely tucked away yet easily accessible. We might be edging dangerously on cargo pant territory here but let’s agree to stop one another before we head down that route again. 


Layers continue to be essential — you might be sweating, chasing your toddler through the airport trying to get their wiggles out before boarding, and then freezing on the plane. I like to do a tank, lightweight long sleeve, and then an outer layer with a bunch of, you guessed it, pockets.  


This cozy zip-up from Patagonia is a versatile option and staple piece that will last you a long time. It’s full of storage options for ID and credit cards, and anything else you want to be able to grab quickly without having to dig through a bag. 

What Else?

Your best accessories these days are a cute pair of tennis shoes that you can easily slip on and off and a lightweight backpack full of compartments. 

These Nike Revolution 5 running shoes are highly rated, at a great price point, and come in a range of colors from fun neons to chic metallics. For a bit more of a splurge, the Nike Flyknit designs are super comfy and ridiculously lightweight. 


For a sleek-looking backpack that’s got loads of inner and outer pockets to keep you super organized, the Nike One Luxe is an excellent option. For something a bit sportier but just as chic, the regular Nike One version is really nice. I love the outer bungee cords for rolling up extra blankets or bags. 


Being a traveling parent already comes with a lot of baggage, literal and figurative! Don’t weigh yourself down with fussy clothing and big bulky items. Stick to lightweight, sleek, versatile pieces that keep you comfortable and looking like the experienced, jet-setting mama you are!

What are your favorite athleisure travel outfits? Let us know in the comments below!


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