The Best Destinations for Beach Vacations with Toddlers

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Planning a beach vacation with toddlers in tow can be daunting. However, it’s worth it! Taking your little ones into the ocean, where they can spend the day splashing in the waves and building sandcastles in the sand, is an experience they will treasure for the rest of their lives. 

The key to making the most of your beach holiday is to plan well and choose the right destination. To make things easier for you, refer below for our list of the best destinations for beach vacations with toddlers.

Kauai, Hawaii

Thanks to its rugged beauty, lush landscapes, and laidback atmosphere, Kauai has become a favourite holiday destination for families fond of nature and love to take on outdoor adventures. Your toddler may still be young enough to hike or ride a zipline, but your child will love the opportunity to paddle in shallow waters and play in the soft golden sands of Kauai.

The best way to enjoy a family holiday in Kauai is to spend some time at the beach. Kauai boasts some of Hawaii’s most stunning tropical beaches, and you’ll have plenty to choose from. Poipu Beach Park is a fantastic place to bond and play with your little kids. Aside from paddling in its crystal-clear waters, your child can play in the playground structures of the park. It’s also a fantastic sport for a picnic, so pack some snacks and drinks.

Whale watching is an experience that kids of all ages will love. So, take your toddlers on a whale-watching adventure in Kauai. From the North Pacific, humpback whales would journey towards the warm waters of Hawaii each year to breed and nurse their offspring. If you are in Kauai between November to April or January to March, you’ll have an incredible opportunity to spot these magnificent creatures.

Parasols on the beach in Ibiza
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Ibiza, Spain 

When going for a family holiday, Ibiza might not be the first place that comes to mind. It’s renowned for its wild parties and crazy nightlife scene. However, there’s more to this island than its party scene. In fact, you’ll find plenty of family-friendly villa rentals in Ibiza that cater to families with kids. These are the perfect places to stay with the whole family, including those with toddlers.

You’ll likely spend most of your time at the beach in Ibiza. While the island has plenty of beautiful beaches, the Cala Bassa beach is well-suited for beach vacations with toddlers. Located west of the island, Cala Bassa boasts some of the finest stretches of sand that look incredibly beautiful. With shallow and crystal-clear waters, it is a safe place for toddlers. The beach is like a large swimming pool that your little ones will find hard to resist.

Although Ibiza has numerous restaurants that cater to families, you should consider a beach picnic with your kids. Pack homemade sandwiches and other treats, find a shady spot on the beach, and place a blanket. A picnic by the beach is a fantastic way to bond with your little ones while soaking up Ibiza’s natural beauty.

Hvar, Croatia

Hvar may have a reputation for being a chic party town that appeals most to jetsetters. However, families with kids will also find the island a fantastic place to explore. Plus, it’s well-connected by ferries to other Croatian islands, making it an ideal base for an island-hopping adventure with your kids.

Also known as Fortica, the Hvar Fortress is a must-visit for every visitor in Hvar. Perched on a hill behind the Old Town, it requires taking a series of steps to get to the top, so don’t forget to bring a carrier when bringing your toddlers up here. The walk to the top is fun, with colourful flowers and panoramic views of the town and harbour.

Of course, a family beach vacation with toddlers requires spending some time at the beach. So, take the kids to the stunning Milna Beach. On your way to the beach, you will also pass several other beautiful beaches. Many of these are secluded, making for an ideal spot to spend quality time with your little ones. They will love swimming in crystal-clear waters and running around the sandy coast.

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Barbados, The Caribbean 

Barbados is one of the best islands in the Caribbean for a family beach holiday with your toddlers. The island is home to many family-friendly attractions, and its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere will make your family holiday truly enjoyable. Furthermore, the beaches in Barbados are pristine and truly breathtaking. You can make the most of your family vacation by staying in a beachside villa, giving you direct access to the beach. 

The Richard Haynes Boardwalk is a fantastic beachfront destination, offering the perfect place to take scenic walks. You’ll love its relaxing atmosphere and direct access to a stunning beach, where you can spot hawksbill turtles at night at certain times of the year. 

Little kids love animals and will love seeing quirky monkeys in their natural habitat. So, while on a beach holiday to Barbados, take them to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, a sanctuary for green monkeys, where you’ll also find birds, deer, raccoons, and reptiles. 

Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes is one of Greece’s most family-friendly islands, offering exciting activities and attractions to entertain kids of all ages. In summer, the beaches of Rhodes are full of beachgoers looking to swim, sunbathe, and play in the waters.

You will find some of the most family-friendly beaches in Rhodes in Lindos, a charming hilltop village on the island’s southeast coast. Megali Paralia, with its sheltered stretch of soft white sand, is the perfect spot to swim with the kids. It has all the facilities for a fun-filled day under the sun. Here, you will find parasols and sun beds for shade, where you can relax as you watch your kids playing in the sand.

Away from the beach, you’ll find the Faliraki Water Park, a fantastic spot to have fun with your little ones. It’s about 10 km south of Rhodes Town, with numerous rides, slides, and pools for adults and kids.


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