The Best Ways to Enjoy a Luxury Vacation in England with Toddlers 

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Packed with history, culture, and incredible landscapes, England offers numerous attractions and activities for families with toddlers. It boasts many family-friendly attractions, from lovely beaches to picturesque villages and national parks with scenic trails. In addition, those who want to indulge in luxury will find plenty of upscale accommodations with child-friendly amenities, such as kiddie pools and play areas. If you need tips in planning your family getaway, here are some of the best ways to enjoy a luxury vacation in England with toddlers.


Go on a Road Trip 

One of the best ways to explore England with toddlers is to go on a road trip. Thanks to its compact size and numerous national parks, England is one of the best countries to explore by car. It’s especially perfect for families who want to discover scenic coastal roads, whether driving along Cornwall or the Norfolk Coast. And since you’re taking your toddlers with you, proper planning and preparation are essential.

Ensure you pack everything your toddler needs, from clothing to essential items like diapers, potty seats, wipes, medicines, milk, food, and blankets. Before leaving, let your kids use the bathroom. When planning the itinerary, make sure to include restroom breaks at these family friendly service stations. Decide where to take your meals. If you plan to have a picnic, pack enough food for everyone.

One of England’s most popular routes for a scenic road trip is the Atlantic Highway, running from Bath along the coast to Cornwall. If your kids don’t mind a much longer drive, you can extend your towards Newquay and into the tip of Cornwall to visit the picturesque seaside towns of St. Ives and Falmouth. Your kids will have plenty of sights to see along the route. You can take a break in Bude to visit its beautiful beaches or at the Museum of Witchcraft in Camelford.

Family in front of a glamping pod in Scotland
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Go Glamping 

England is a top destination for camping. And with the rise of glamping sites all over the country, you can enjoy a spot of luxury camping in some unique accommodations to the delight of your little ones. In addition, glamping allows for freedom and adventure, ideal for active toddlers. You will find plenty of excellent glamping options throughout the UK, offering a perfect base for the whole family to discover England’s most breathtaking locations.

Glamping in England comes in all shapes and sizes. Some of the best options include a cosy yurt with enough space for toddlers to move around and play. You can also book glamping pods, where your toddlers can enjoy stargazing at night. Other fun options are safari tents, treehouses, and tepees.

When booking a glamping site in England, look for those with child-friendly amenities, such as a kiddie pool and playground. Some can also arrange family-friendly excursions like horseback riding and sightseeing with kids. Some glamping sites are on a farm, allowing your toddlers to interact and feed animals.


Plan Plenty of Kid-Friendly Activities 

As one of the world’s most family-friendly destinations, England offers numerous kid-friendly activities for fun bonding moments with your toddlers. To make the most of your family holiday, plan an adventure-filled itinerary to include as many fun activities as possible.

Take your little ones to Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire, where they can see different animals. If you visit in the summer, don’t miss the after-hours “Summer Evenings at the Zoo.” In Devon, you’ll find the Big Sheep, an amusement park with fun train rides and fantastic play areas. Your toddlers will have a blast playing at the Piggy Pull-Along, self-driving tractors, Tractor Safari, and pony rides.

England has some child-friendly museums, such as the Eureka in Yorkshire. Otherwise known as the National Children’s Museum, Eureka is the perfect place to satisfy your curious little kids. Here, they can play and experiment with different things.

A must-visit for toddlers who love Peppa Pig is the Peppa Pig World in The New Forest. It’s in Paulton’s Park in Hampshire, a fun place for Peppa Pig fans. Your kids can enjoy riding a car with Daddy Pig and explore Peppa’s house and school.


Photo of Warwick castle
Image by Kevin from Pixabay

See the Historic Castles 

If your kids love fairy tales and stories involving princes and princesses, they will love England even more. That’s because there are plenty of beautiful castles around England, some converted into hotels. In fact, one of the best things to do on your family holiday is to stay in a luxury castle in the UK, perfect for when you want to keep your little ones entertained on your family break. 

England’s castle hotels are the stuff of legends. These hotels are rich in history and heritage and brimming with character and charm, transporting you into an era when it houses some of England’s most famous royals.

Aside from staying in castle hotels, take the time to explore some of the country’s most historic castles. One of these is Alnwick Castle in Northumberland which played a crucial role in the border wars between England and Scotland. The Windsor Castle in Berkshire is England’s most famous castle and should be among those places to see on your holiday.


Plan Where you’re Going to Eat 

Part of planning a trip with toddlers is deciding where to eat. Aside from being picky eaters with limited interest in new cuisine, little kids cannot sit still while eating and are prone to tantrums. While most families would head straight to famous fast-food chains, you should also consider dining at family-friendly places. Thankfully, England has many child-friendly restaurants with kiddie menus to cater to your little one’s tastes and preferences. 

London has no shortage of child-friendly restaurants. If you need suggestions, the Tredwells in Covent Garden is the perfect choice. The restaurant offers a bespoke, child-friendly menu with healthy dishes for your little ones, such as mouth-watering omelettes with peas, broccoli, and meatballs. 

Jinjuu in Soho is a contemporary Korean restaurant offering a three-course children’s menu featuring beef and pork steamed dumplings, fried prawn cakes, and mini bibimbap bowls.


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