The Thule Spring: A Sleek, Sturdy Stroller Perfect for the Traveling Toddler


Before our first kid was born my husband and I did a crazy spreadsheet comparison of all the strollers on the market to figure out which one was the best option for us. Yeah, we’re those people. It turns out, we could have just looked around the streets of NYC because what we ended up choosing was the one that seems all the other New Yorker parents were pushing around. Though it was big and bulky, it worked well for us. We loved the Transformer-like ways we could adapt it, the gigantic storage basket, and the comfort level that provided us, mercifully, with plenty of on-the-go Central Park naps. It kind of became our car in many ways. When our second kid came along, we used all the configurations to have the two seated next to one another and it worked out great if not . . . wide.  But as the first kid got older and more inclined to walk or scoot around town, and the second wanted to follow suit but wasn’t quite there yet, our big old stroller started to seem like a big old hassle. Try bringing something like that into an East Village restaurant and see the looks you get! We tried smaller, travel-friendly strollers, including a couple that very conveniently fit in airplane overhead compartments, but we really missed the sturdiness and comfortability of our old stroller. Luckily I was able to get my hands on a really fabulous middle-ground option, the Thule Spring


I recognized Thule from storage accessories, like cargo carriers, bike racks, and those cool trailers that sporty parents hitch to the back of their bikes to pull their kids around. I had no idea that they also make strollers for us regular folk! What you can expect from this Swedish brand is a great sturdy yet sleek combo, perfect for families on the go. I mean if it’s Scandinavian it has to be good, right? They seem to know what they’re doing. 

So what I missed most with other compact strollers is the feeling of security in both the handling and the seating. What I love about the Thule Spring is that it’s designed specifically for “urban terrain”, so you’ll never have to tell your kid to hold on to their butt while rolling over cobblestones or gravel, and you can swivel and move around with the greatest of ease. My kid would also often slide down and eventually end up in an uncomfortable position with some other compact strollers, but this is a true seat with a five-point harness that keeps them comfy and secure. 

Other ways that the Thule Spring racks up major points include the quick, one-handed fold function, the slim footprint that’s easy to tuck away in an apartment closet when folded, the step-in footrest that means my kid can climb in and out by himself, and all of the great add-on accessories, like a glider board for an older sibling. While the storage basket is not quite big enough for a major shopping trip, it’s definitely roomy. I also love the sturdy sun shade that folds down seemingly much lower than other strollers and comes in a really nice variety of colors. Oh, and another major plus: I put it together without even looking at the instructions in like three steps! It really is that easy and intuitive. 


If you’re looking for a true travel-focused stroller, you might miss that this one isn’t small enough to fit in an overhead compartment, but personally, I think that’s a feature that’s a bit overrated, especially after a certain age. You might also want a stroller that has a complete lie-flat option; the Thule Spring does recline, but not totally. Again, this stroller is probably best for a kid who might doze a bit in the stroller but isn’t going to take a full-on nap anymore, in which case the Spring is perfectly adequate.


We are really happy with our Thule Spring! If you’ve outgrown your mamajama infant stroller and are looking for a great option for the toddler stage, this compact yet super-sturdy, easy to maneuver, and comfortable for toddlers this one is hard to beat. We are looking forward to taking it on our next trip!

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