Travel Essentials for a European Trip with Kids

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Taking the kids out for a vacation can be challenging, especially if you have toddlers.

However, it shouldn’t be a major problem to see the world’s sights with a family, wherever you choose to go. A trip to Europe could see you in a cosmopolitan and vibrant contemporary city or meandering the medieval old towns of some of the historic locations. Some countries have city and countryside so close together you’ll be able to go on a hike in the hills, but indulge in fine dining in the evening.

All of this can be enjoyed with a young family, as long as you plan ahead. Of course, you’ll research the best places to visit with a family, and how to get around, but one crucial element you must pay attention to is your packing. That’s why we’ve put together our guide to travel essentials for your Europe trip.


Booster Seat

Europe is a vast continent with lots to see, but getting between the cities can be grueling. It’s highly likely you’ll need to hire a car, especially if you’re going to see everything you can in your short stay. For instance, if you’re going to drive along the Amalfi Coast, the roads are twisty and hilly, and it is rare to find a hire car with a booster seat. If you have the space, it’s worth ensuring you take on with you on the plane, and some brands such as Baby Trend are foldable, so easy to transport across the Atlantic. That will ensure you can swap cars and always be safe in the knowledge you’ll be able to seat your children safely.


Pushchairs (a.k.a. Strollers)

Many European destinations are a mix of terrains; this is exemplified by a visit to Ireland, where terrain can be challenging without heading too far out of a city. If you wish to negotiate the paved paths and perhaps even go out onto the hills, you’ll need a pushchair capable of tackling different terrain. As the double pushchairs on iCandy demonstrate, the newest designs now have puncture-proof all-terrain wheels. This won’t just be handy if you’re heading out onto woodland paths; some of the cobbled streets of European old towns can be tough to navigate, and all-terrain wheels will help you navigate the trickier terrain.


Essential Clothing

If you’re going on a European road trip, it is worth remembering the stark temperature differences. Southern Europe is very warm, whilst Northern Europe can be cold even in the summer. That means taking a broad approach to packing, but you can be savvy with your choices. It is vital to consider what you are going to put on your children’s heads – the burning sun may necessitate a sun hat, whilst if you’re on a trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, then something warmer is needed. The basic rule is to pack with every eventuality in mind, as Europe’s weather is unpredictable and varied.


Electrical Adaptors

Europe has several different types of electrical outlets, and if you’re going on a road trip you might find your electronics work in one country, but not the next. If you’ve got young children who are amused by iPads and appliances, not being able to charge them could be a real problem. You can often find packs of adaptors which cover the major types. If you’re in doubt, double-check the World Standards guide on plug sockets to see which you need, and don’t be caught short, leaving your little ones without their electronic essentials.

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