Travel Making a Comeback and More Reflections on 2022


What’s Abuzz in the Bébé Voyage Community

If there was ever any doubt about travel making a comeback after the pandemic, our Bébé Voyage community laid that to rest. Discussions among our nearly 25,000 members include requests for destination recommendations, trip reports, gear reviews and moral support for the harrowing journeys that involve traveling with small children. Considering that just a year ago parents were still cautious about traveling with small children who were not yet eligible for Covid vaccines, we’ve come a long way. 

London destination guide and itinerary

London, Switzerland, Japan, and Turks Caicos come up as top destinations for which Bébé Voyage community members are looking for tips. And it seems like everyone is looking for recommendations on kids luggage and backpacks.  Luckily we have a guide and itineraries for London and a guide for Tokyo to help all our community members!


Updated City Guides and Itineraries

In order to continue to support traveling families, the big project Bébé Voyage took on this year was to update all our destination guides with post-pandemic information. Additionally, we converted all our Trails into downloadable itineraries, including interactive maps with turn-by-turn directions and thorough FAQs to make visiting a new city even easier. 



While it isn’t quite back to pre-pandemic levels, definitely global travel making a comeback, especially in the non-business travel sector. People are looking to reunite with their families and friends and eager to take once-in-a-lifetime trips, which certainly explains all the requests for tips and advice in our community. We are also happy to note that industry research shows that travelers are more concerned about the environment and looking to learn about other cultures. Bébé Voyage doubled down on these values during the pandemic and we’re proud to be on the mark with these issues. 

Sticking with our Mission

With all the instability around the world including climate change, pandemics, war and social crises, it’s more important than ever to stick to Bébé Voyage’s values and mission. 

Bébé Voyage empowers parents to raise children to be curious, open-minded and global citizens. We encourage parents to bring up lifelong explorers by exposing them to new cultures and experiences to build a better, more peaceful world for all.

While we came up with this mission statement 8 years ago, it seems more relevant than ever. And we will carry it forth with us through 2023. Continuing to support our audience in creating connections and community through travel. And seeking more collaborations with like-minded businesses. 


Thank You to our Amazing Team!

None of this would be possible without our very dedicated and very amazing team. A special thank you to our community moderators who have kept Club Bébé Voyage a safe and highly engaged community. To our editors and contributors who have created authentic content for our website, leading us to be named one of TGE’s Top Websites of 2022, based on our design, UX and content. And thank you to our 5 interns hailing from 4 different countries who have helped us with SEO, marketing, analytics, research and editing. 

While 2022 has taught us that alongside travel making a comeback, we could too, we hope that 2023 brings more wisdom, health and fun! Best wishes for a meaningful, connected and adventurous 2023!



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