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At Bébé Voyage we are always looking at the future of baby products. We want to make travel easy and accessible for all families. We’ve spotted some great travel products recently that are aimed at making travel easy and fun for families of all sizes weather you are having a staycation in your town or jet-setting across the globe.

Today we take a look at these travel products and envision how, if they do what they promise, they will change the way families travel.

Doona Car Seat ($500) 

The Doona Car Seat converts from a rear facing infant car seat to a stroller in one simple, sleek move. It will hold your infant until 35lbs and 32″. The Doona Car Seat is EU and US aircraft approved. You no longer have to decide how to get your car seat and stroller to the gate because they would be one sleek package! The Doona can be changed from stroller into car seat and back without removing the baby. A few Bébé Voyage parents are already using these and rave about them. The only downside is the short life of an infant car seat. I just hope a similar seat can be developed for our toddlers!

Taga – The Original Bike Stroller ($1495)

Since we are on the topic of strollers, check out the Taga. This lovely bike converts to be your stroller. This seems perfect for those outings that are close by where you want to get there by bike, but not lose the convenience of a stroller once you arrive. The Taga has a variety of configurations, depending on what you need it to do. Taga continues to make improvements and is already launching a new version that plays upon the cargo bikes that are so popular in the Netherlands.

Travelmate Robotics ($500/small) 

We were so excited about the idea of hands-free travel that we posted this one on the group to see what everyone had to say. The Travelmate Suitcase is fully automated to follow you wherever you go leaving your hands free for your kids. There are a few other robotic suitcases out there but the Travelmate features a scale so you always know how much you’ve packed, a USB port to charge your things, a GPS chip that helps you track your bag and a touch embedded lock so only your fingerprint will open the bag.

Smartbe Intelligent Stroller (~$4,000) 

The Smartbe Intelligent Stroller is fully automated and linked to your smartphone. It moves with you, without you having to touch the handle. Additionally it offers a  climatized baby area, a bottle warmer, an automatic rocking chair, it folds automatically, plays music, has an electronic locker, an anti-theft sensor, a microphone and webcams. The Smartbe is designed for joggers, but perhaps we will see a similar travel version around soon!

Are you using any of these products? Join us on the Club Bébé Voyage Facebook Community to tell us about your experience. 

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