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With so many travel products out there it is hard to know what will work when you’re traveling with your kids. Bébé Voyage is always searching for new products to make travel with kids just a little bit easier. We’ve found five products worthy of sharing with you that address travel related issues.

Walter + Ray Tab Fit ($49.95)

Walter + Ray has a line of travel products that really stand out. They sent us a variety of items to test, but nothing beats the Walter + Ray Tab Fit for traveling parents. This little bag can be organized before your trip and then hung on the seat, in a variety of ways, keeping all your items organized and out of the gross seat back pocket. I took the bag on the train and plane and loved how it kept all my essentials organized.

I used the magnet seat back attachment to attach it so it hung in front of one of the seats my kids were using. It would have fit on my seat, but to maximize my leg room I used their seat instead. I kept all those little things I need for the baby, plus my books and headphones in the bag.

I could easily reach and restock what I needed, without having to shove things into the seat pocket, plus when the flight was over I grabbed the whole bag, zipped it up and was on my way.

TRAYblecloth ($19.95) 

I Love to Travel Products has created some great products to meet the needs of traveling parents. We loved the TRAYblecloth airline seat tray cover. It has a plastic cover that allows you to draw on it with dry erase markers. We had fun tracing pages from my Big Little’s coloring book and practicing writing. I also loved that it kept our food and hands off the tray table and on something I knew I had cleaned. 

The cover easily slips over the tray table and then fastens so it doesn’t move around. It has several pockets which we used for storing everything we needed during the flight. I was worried it might prevent the tray table from closing, but we had no issues.

The TRAYblecloth is also available for adults in darker, more sophisticated covers and materials. I tend to like the bright colors though so that we don’t leave it behind.

Voyage Pillow ($25)

Trying to be comfortable while sleeping is one of the hardest things to do while traveling. I honestly can’t manage a large pillow on top of all the kids’ gear, so was thrilled to try out the Voyage Pillow. Sondre Travel has knocked this one out of the park. This compact pillow looks silly, but is so versatile. Every member of my family has a different way they like to use it.

The pillow is attached to a headband so you can literally strap it onto your face. I however prefer to loop my arm through the headband so it sits on my shoulder. It’s full of microbeads that provide plenty of support without being hard. I also love that it can double as an eye mask worn forwards or backwards.

It’s super small so you won’t ever worry about if you have space to bring it. It can also just attach to your suitcase or bag.

Sky Baby ($35) 

We wrote a full review of the Sky Baby Travel Mattress but it really is worth mentioning again. It’s a wonderful option for traveling with baby when you can’t take advantage of the bassinet. (You can read the full review here.)

It’s compact and easy to travel with, which makes it high on my go-to gear list. The Sky Baby has a space for the seatbelt to pass through, should you be traveling where an infant seatbelt is required. During testing we were asked by flight crew to keep the Fly Baby unfastened so it did not cover the buckle during takeoff and landing.

Lap Baby ($35) 

We have a full review of the Lap Baby coming up on the blog, but I wanted to give you a preview since this can be a great option for traveling parents. The Lap Baby secures baby in your lap giving you two hands free. The Lap Baby cannot be used during takeoff and landing on a flight. In the Lap Baby your child has full access to everything in front of you so it’s not a great option for meals. However it is perfect for giving you two hands to play with baby and reach things on a plane or train, where you would need to otherwise use your hands to hold baby.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of these links Bébé Voyage receives a small fee at no cost to you. This helps us keep working to provide information on traveling with kids. All opinions are our own. 


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