UnbuckleMe Review

Baby gets their seatbelt unbuckled

Bébé Voyage Mom Megan Lawless reviews the UnbuckleMe infant seat unbuckler for the community. 

Bébé Voyage Rating: 8/10

What bébé loved (or not):

I mostly used this product with my younger son’s infant seat. When I tried to use this on my 3-year-old’s convertible seat, he kept grabbing at the product and wanted to try it himself.

What mommy loved (or not):

The UnbuckleMe made unbuckling my son’s infant seat so much easier. I really was surprised at what a difference this product made. Our infant seat is the Mountain Buggy Protect, and our convertible seat is the Graco 4-ever. The UnbuckleMe worked well on both.

baby gets their seatbelt unbuckledIs UnbuckleMe easy to use/convenient?

My mom was so excited about this, that she wanted to take the UnbuckleMe home with her! When I used the product, I was able to easily unbuckle my son even when he was kicking his legs and fussing to get out of the seat.

Using the UnbuckleMe the first time is not super intuitive. When I gave the product to both my mom and my husband to try, they both attempted to use the product vertically instead of horizontally, and neither of them was sure where to press (despite the “thumbprint graphic” on the product).  Our infant seat also has a padded piece of fabric behind it, which made getting the UnbuckleMe into the correct position a little difficult.

Does UnbuckleMe resolve a current pain point and if so how well?

This does a great job of making difficult car seats easier to unbuckle. My mom and I seemed to find the most benefit from it, and my husband was indifferent about it. It seems to work best for people with smaller hands or older people with reduced hand strength.

The UnbuckleMe in actionHow safe is UnbuckleMe?

I don’t see any safety concerns with this product. The packaging states that it should not be attached to the car seat in any way to prevent any safety issues.

Do you like the way UnbuckleMe is designed?

Yes, it is a little larger than I expected. It’s too big for me to put on my key ring, but the large size makes it easy to find in the bottom of the diaper bag.

Value for money:

The UnbuckleMe is priced at $14.99, which seems a little pricey to me. I expected it to cost closer to $10. However, the price is not high enough to deter me from purchasing more of them.


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