Unpacking the Pak Rêve Travel Bag — Mom’s Product Review

Pak rêve travel bag

As a travel mama with two little adventurers (ages 3 and 7) in tow, finding luggage that works for the whole crew is a constant quest. Recently, I came across the Pak Rêve, designed by a fellow travel mom, Jordi Lippe-McGraw. Intrigued by the promise of a bag built with families in mind, I decided to put it to the test. Here’s my honest review, from one mom on the go to another.

First Impressions

The Pak Rêve arrived looking sleek and stylish. It’s lightweight, which is a lifesaver when you’re juggling multiple bags and little ones. The clever popper system allows you to quickly attach or detach the smaller backpack, making it super easy to pack and store.

Living with the Pak Rêve


living with pak Reve travel bag


  • Detachable Design: This is the star feature! The smaller backpack detaches from the main bag, allowing you to ditch the larger bag when needed. It’s perfect for museums, restaurants, or situations where backpacks aren’t allowed.
  • Matching Mini-Me: My daughter loved having her own mini Pak Rêve backpack! The size is perfect for little ones, and it fosters a sense of independence.
  • Pocket Paradise: The Pak Rêve boasts a ton of pockets, both inside and out. This is a lifesaver for keeping all those travel essentials (snacks, wipes, entertainment) organized and readily accessible. Plus, there’s space for decent-sized water bottles on each side.
  • Post-Diaper Bag Organization: Gone are the diaper bag days for me, but the need for organization remains. The Pak Rêve’s pockets keep everything in its place, making packing and unpacking a breeze.
  • Product Durability: This bag feels sturdy and well-made, ready to handle the wear and tear of travel with kids.


  • Putting It Together: The detachable design is a great idea, but it can be a bit tricky to pack neatly, especially when attaching the two pieces. It takes practice to get a streamlined look.
  • Design Considerations: The poppers on the detachable section can come undone if you overstuff the bag. Zippers might be a more secure option. Additionally, the smaller backpack’s placement under airplane seats can be awkward for retrieval.
  • Price and Value: While I received the Pak Rêve as a gift, the price tag might be a deterrent for some.

Overall Recommendation

The Pak Rêve Wilder Bundle is a clever and functional travel companion with a unique detachable design. While it has a few quirks and the aesthetics of the attached configuration could be improved, the abundance of pockets, versatility, and durability make it a strong option for organized families who prioritize functionality on the go. If it fits your budget, this bag could be a game-changer for your next family adventure.

Final Thoughts

Jordi, the travel mom behind the Pak Rêve, clearly understands the challenges of traveling with kids. This bag is packed with thoughtful features that make life on the go a little bit easier. While it might not be perfect for every situation, for families who prioritize organization and style, the Pak Rêve is definitely worth considering.


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