We Wish You A Happy Holiday Season – A Holiday Card From The Team At Bébé Voyage


From our families to yours, the entire team at Bébé Voyage wishes you a happy holiday season and New Year! Click on each picture to find out about the team favourite Christmas traditions and holiday travels. Have a joyous holiday season!

Bébé Voyage wishes you a happy holiday season!

Marianne Perez de Fransius - Co-Founder and CEO

Christmas Tradition

I'm Jewish, so don't really do Christmas. And since I'm Sephardic, Hanukah isn't such a big deal either. But, in Sweden through out the month of December, restaurants will do "julbord" (Christmas tables) which are buffets with a dozen varieties of salmon and herring preparations, not to mention potato, beet and pickled dishes. Each restaurant has their own special way of preparing traditional dishes.
From our family to yours, we wish you all a happy holiday season!

Juliet Parrachon - Co-Founder and President

Christmas Tradition

No matter what city I am in, but this is better in cities like New York, Chicago, London, I love to take the kids to see the Christmas lights and decorations. I love looking at the department store holiday windows.
marta-conte-christmas-1 (2)

Marta Conte - Editor-in-Chief

Christmas Tradition

Movie night on Christmas Eve. We make a blanket and pillows fort, pick a movie, make hot chocolate, marshmallows and then chill together.
Bébé Voyage wishes you a joyous and happy holiday season!

Kelly Wright - Director of Content

Christmas Tradition

This is a fairly new tradition for us, but ever since we moved to Idaho three years ago we head into the Boise National Forest and cut down our very own Charlie Brown Christmas tree! We make it into a day long event and start a little campfire where we roast s'mores and cook hotdogs. Everyone always has a blast and there is usually snow on the ground, so we bring our sleds and let the kids go sledding in the forest! I can't imagine ever not doing it now, its become our favorite family Christmas tradition!
Brinda-christmas (1)

Brinda Shah - Conscious Travel Contributor

Favourite Christmas Trip

My favorite holiday trips are usually the ones where I go home. I look forward to it ALL year. Christmas Day is also my parents' wedding anniversary, so it's always a big celebration!

Kirsten Eeuwen - Assistant Editor

Christmas Tradition

Christmas Eve dinner - ham, potatoes, gravy, bread, casseroles, and rice pudding for dessert!

Elizabeth Doerr - Social Justice and Sustainability Editor

Christmas Tradition

Growing up, my parents bought a new Christmas or holiday book every year and we'd read it in front of the fire on Christmas Eve after we opened presents (we were always Christmas Eve present openers). As adults this tradition went away and turned into drinking champagne or cocktails together. The latter is still there, but now that there are kids in the mix, the new book tradition is being revived.
Angela-christmas-1 (1) (1)

Angela - Social Media Manager

Favourite Christmas Trip

My first trip out to Montreal, Quebec to meet my now husband's family. I had never really had a White Christmas so I was awestruck. We did a little road trip up to Quebec City and took a horse carriage ride around the old city, and even visited the Ice Hotel.
rebacca-redfern (1)

Rebecca Redfern - Community Manager

Favourite Christmas Trip

My favourite holiday trip is one I took pre-kids and would LOVE to take them when we can. We went to visit my relatives in Boston, USA (I'm from the UK) and then travelled on to Stowe for a white Christmas skiing. Whilst were there we popped in to the Trapp Family Lodge, and it was strangely magical despite the fact that I've been to Salzburg many times! I think we will wait a few years before doing this though, as if we are lucky we get white Christmas' at the family home in Aix-les-Bains, France and it is a bit closer!!
Liz-christmas-2) (1)

Liz McEachern-Hall - Photo Editor

Christmas Tradition

We make our own star for the tree each year.
lauren-strittmatter-christmas-1 (1)

Lauren Strittmatter - Facebook Moderator

Favourite Christmas Trip

One year we traveled to Madrid for the first weekend of Advent just when all the holiday decorations and festivities were starting. It was a lovely trip filled with visiting Christmas markets in every plaza, streets filled with lights and countless churros dipped in chocolate.
PXL_20201206_183245168 (1)

Derek Curtis - WordPress Specialist and Virtual Assistant

Christmas Tradtion

Decorating our Christmas tree while listening to Michael Buble Christmas album.


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