Why Dublin Should be Your Next City Break

A couple walks through a crowded Dublin city street

Dublin, Ireland is the perfect city for a family visit for a few days. Packed with exciting activities but not overwhelming, the city provides a cultural experience that is sure to satisfy everyone, as this article will show you. (NOTE: MATCH SNIPPET) 

St. Patrick’s Day was just a few months ago when you would have found the Guinness flowing and the atmosphere buzzing in Dublin. It’s the perfect reason to outline just why Ireland and in particular, Dublin, is a truly great destination to visit if you’re looking to take a weekend break away. There are so many things to do and places to visit that it’s sure to be a fun-packed weekend with whomever you go with.

The Black Stuff

There’s no better way to start off a post about Dublin than to celebrate a good old Guinness. It’s a well-known fact that if you wish to get the best taste of it, then you need to head to Dublin. Tourists from all over the world flood St. James’ gate to get a taste of the iconic drink and witness the special qualities of the brewing process that makes it taste so good! During your Storehouse Brewery tour, you’ll get the chance to pull your own pint and even have a little sit down after so it can clench your thirst from all the walking.

Chandelier at the Guinness Factory in Dublin, Ireland

Live Music In The Pubs

It’s a rarity to find pubs that play live music around the U.K. as it slowly becomes a dying breed. However, you’ll likely find it around every possible corner of the Irish capital. Dublin loves to embrace local talent and provides its artists with a platform to showcase their skills. They’ll play a mix of traditional Irish music and popular chart songs with an Irish twist. In particular, one of Dublin’s popular spots Temple Bar is where you’ll find the perfect example of locals and tourists coming together through the power of live music.

People walking through the street in Dublin, Ireland

Christ Church Cathedral

Another popular tourist attraction you should definitely visit is Christ Church Cathedral. It’s one of Ireland’s oldest buildings dating all the way back to the time of the Vikings. Inside the cathedral, you’ll be able to behold its incredible architecture accompanied by the colorful stained glass windows. The greatest part is when you walk inside. It almost takes your breath away as the silence allows you to truly appreciate the uniqueness of this building’s design and aesthetics.

Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland

Free Entry To The Museums

In the U.K., it’s rather common for major museums and galleries to provide free entry. The same goes for Dublin which features many traditional and historic places you can visit including the National Gallery of Ireland. Here, you’ll be able to witness stunning collections of art from major European painting schools as well as pieces by Irish artists.

Museum in Dublin, Ireland

The Zoo

Considering the climate in Ireland and the U.K., it’s rare to find popular zoos. However, considering that the Dublin Zoo hosts around 1 million visitors a year, you should definitely consider including it on your itinerary. Established in 1831, it’s one of the oldest zoos in existence. It’s a great place for families. Children can get up close to the animals. They will love seeing baby goats and petting the sheep. Don’t forget to also make your way to the African Savanna part of the zoo. It’ll make you feel like you’ve jumped from one continent to the other as it does a great job of recreating the habitat of the African wild. Here, you’ll be able to see giraffes, gorillas, and zebras among many other phenomenal creatures found in African wildlife.


Traveling to Dublin, you’ll find that it’s a popular tourist attraction for everyone across the globe. Considering the reasons outlined here, there’s no surprise why! It’s a perfect destination for a city break for everyone to enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Get your travel documents including your passport and UK visa and get involved with the Irish spirit that Dublin expresses!

Jennifer is an up and coming travel writer who has a fantastic passion for getting out and about and exploring what the world has to offer. She grew her passion for travelling from her year out where she toured around Europe to visit different countries. She’s now hoping her hobby can become a full-time role in the future.


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