Winter Travel Gear for Babies & Toddlers


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In the Northern Hemisphere the crisp air means that fall is on its way. Pumpkin carving, leaf crafting and pumpkin spiced anything also signals a time for winter travel planning. The time is now to check that you have the supplies for keeping your baby or toddler warm on the go.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has some great winter safety tips. This includes always dressing your baby or toddler in one layer more than an adult would wear in the same conditions. Layering is key!

On a recent trip to the Arctic Circle we stayed warm in -20C with a 4 year old, 2 year old and 3 month old by packing the kids into as many layers as we could fit. I started with a thermal base layer, footie PJ’s, a fleece jacket and pants set and topped that with a one piece bunting suit. Hats under hoods prevented cold ears.

How you dress is just the first part of the staying warm puzzle. We asked our Club Bébé Voyage members for their winter travel gear recommendations in order to bring you these winter weather travel essentials.


  1. Hot Water Bottle & Cover | Hot water bottles are a perfect way to keep your littles warm when you’re out and about. Hot water is easy to find wherever you are so these are great to bring along empty as well in case things turn cold. Older kids can hold them close to their bodies, but for the littles put them in the bottom of the stroller bag. They heat the bag but keep little hands away from anything hot.
  2. 7am Enfant Bunting | There was a pretty serious debate in the club about the best 7am Enfant product. The 212 Evolution was the favorite for strollers while the Pookie was the favorite for carriers. It seems like whatever you end up with your kiddo will be warm and you’ll be happy.
  3. Stonz Baby Boots | Stonz makes some of the best infant and toddler winter baby gear around. The toddler and baby boots though are a clear winner. They slip over feet, shoes and pants using toggles to keep them closed. The booties are water and wind resistant. Plus they feature adorable animals in bright colors.
  4. Fareskind Sheepskin Liner | This liner made of 100% Merino Sheepskin can be added to any stroller or even inside bunting for additional warmth. In summer the wool wicks away moisture. Sheepskin is hypoallergenic and machine washable.
  5. Cozywoggle Car Seat Safe Coat | The Cozywoggle is a coat with zip up sides, allowing the car seat buckle to sit snug on the child’s chest with the coat laying on top of the car seat harness.
  6. Universal Baby Carrier Coat | No matter which way you like to carry baby (back, front, side) the Bebamour will keep baby covered in polar fleece. It packs into its own pocket, making it perfect for travel. Its neutral color options make it perfect for mom and dad.
  7. Leg Warmers | Leg warmers are a great way to get an extra layer on baby. Slide these Merino Sheepskin leg warmers on over some pants and know that baby’s legs will stay warm. These are also great for that gap that happens when baby’s legs are spread in the carrier.
  8. Skip-Hop Hand Muff | Keep your hands warm and stay connected while pushing the stroller with this hand muff. A clear zip pocket allows you to operate your phone while keeping your hands warm with soft fleece lining.
  9. Hooded Cowel | Head over to Etsy and you can find hooded cowels in any animal style you want. These hat scarf combos are perfect for keeping baby warm, since baby can’t pull them off.
  10. Thermal Baby Bottle | This stainless steal thermal baby bottle keeps milk or formuila warm for up to 6 hours. It also easily converts into a toddler sippy cup or straw bottle. They come in traditional bottle shape or rounded wide neck design.


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