Work Remotely While On An Extended Vacation? Thanks To Covid – Now You Can!

Work remotely during the covid19 pandemic

While it might not seem like it at the moment, the Covid-19 pandemic has actually opened up an entirely new world of possibilities. Endless possibilities in fact. Possibilities that are now only feasible because of how the world has changed during this past year. Confused? Let me explain. When brick and mortar businesses had to shut down in March, they scrambled to find new ways to do pretty much anything and everything. From staff meetings and business deals to the well-being of their employees, companies were now forced to be as innovative as possible. The ability to pivot and switch gears in this kind of environment is paramount to success. One of these transitions was allowing employees to work remotely. In so doing, this may have very well changed the work place forever. 

Does it work?

The biggest argument before the pandemic against employees working from home was that it would affect how hard they worked. Many employers feared that with the distractions of home, only subpar work would get done. However, Mercer, a global investment research company, recently conducted a survey and found that employee production was not hindered by remote work. Rather many companies actually found an increase in productivity.

The flexibility and increase in quality of life that working from home offered, was a benefit for everyone from the working parent to the employee that preferred to work at night. Mercer also found that most companies intend to continue to allow employees to work from home even after the pandemic is over due to the positive outcome they have had. Some larger companies such as Zillow, Amazon, Slack, and Twitter have already announced their employees could choose to work from home permanently. 


It seems as if it was the perfect time for this transition to naturally happen. With video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Slack, large groups of people can now meet online simultaneously. It is now possible for business meetings to be conducted from anywhere in the world saving both time and money for the companies. While there will always be some form of business travel, it is no longer necessary to fly halfway around the world for a brief meeting if a quick Zoom call will suffice. This ability to work from home, means home can literally be anywhere. 



So, how does this benefit BOTH the company and employee? Well, for starters by allowing their employees to work remotely, this allows hiring managers to employ the best person for the job and not just the best person that lives in that area. They could literally hire someone living in Miami when the company is based in Seattle without having to pay for relocation fees or request the prospective employee to move. This now opens up a world of possibilities for the employer themselves. 

The employees are now no longer tied down to one area. Many jobs are located in big cities. But big cities, come with big price tags. Now a job in NYC can be done in a more affordable area giving that employee a much better quality of life through a lower cost of living and larger living quarters. Best of all, this means they can even travel the world while still being gainfully employed. This trend has become so popular now that countries are actually offering remote work visas for digital nomads. While some of these places have pretty high income levels that you need to meet, there are a few that a minimum wage position will suffice!  


So where exactly are you able to work remotely from? Well actually, quite a few! And with other countries realizing its a win-win situation for both them and the visitor, we are sure to see many more offer up these types visas soon! So without further ado here is our current list of countries to work remotely in! 

Iceland  – Offers a 180 days long term remote visa for both the worker and their family. Must show proof of income level at approximately $100,000 annual.  


Maritius – offers a one year renewable remote work visa. 


Cayman Islands – Two year remote work visa with proof of income level at $180,000 annual.


Antigua and Barbuda – Two year remote work visa with proof of income at $50,000 annual. 


Dubai – One year remote work visa with proof of income at $5000 monthly. 


Aruba – One Happy Workation Program for US Nationals. Visa available for one week up to 90 days. 


Barbados – One year remote work visa with proof of income at $50,000 annual.


Estonia – Nomad Visa for EU, Schengen Zone, UK, and a small list of approved countries outside of these. (currently US is not on the approved list) One year with proof of income at 3500 euros monthly. 


Bermuda – One year remote work visa.


Georgia – One year remote work visa.


Czech Republic – Remote work visa approved once you have a lease agreement. 


Portugal – Proof of at least minimum wage required. 


Spain – Remote work visa for a minimum of three months. Ability to change the visa to a permit, which is good for another two years and then renewable up to 5 years after that. Must show proof of sufficient means to take care of yourself and family. 


Germany – Three month freelance visa which can be turned into permit and extended for up to 3 years 


Mexico – One year remote work visa, renewable up to three more years. Must show proof of income at $1600 monthly.


Anguilla – Remote work visa available from three months to one year 


Bali – coming soon!


We know that this pandemic has thrown a wrench into pretty much everyone’s plans. We prefer to look at the silver lining of those dark clouds though and find the positives from a negative situation. The ability to work from home or anywhere in the world for that matter is a huge opportunity that many of us could take advantage of now. And after the year we just had, I think we could all deserve a little rest and relaxation. So pack up your bags and head out on an adventure that you and your family will never forget.


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