Zinc Flyte Scooter Suitcase // Review


The ZincFlyte (£70) is a scooter suitcase. You read that right. It’s a suitcase built around a kids scooter. It comes in three sizes: the Mini (age 2-4), Midi (ages 4-8) and Maxi. My five-year-old is completely obsessed with the Midi we were sent for a review. It comes in a range of fun designs, although we stuck with the plain blue.

The scooter is metal while the bag is a flexible plastic with a zipper closure. The metal scooter makes it a bit heavy to lug around. (Luckily, I only had to carry it when my little guy was physically unable to scoot or roll it.)

It does not offer a hands-free option, but can be rolled like traditional luggage. There is a small rubber handle on the top of the case that I used when I needed to grab it and carry it.

The scooter flips up to “hide” in the suitcase when it’s time to store it for a flight or if you want to roll it like traditional luggage.

It barely fit under the seat in front of us, so instead we stowed it in the overhead bin. This could cause an issue on some discount carriers that charge for overhead space. The flexible rubber and zipper closure do give it some flexibility for making it squish under the seat.

I was able to pack all of our five-year-old’s clothing, plus his baby brother’s clothing for a four-day trip inside. The securing straps, zip pocket and pouch provide lots of options for packing. We found rolling the clothing allowed it to fit between the scooter back, which runs through the suitcase.

The only downside to this suitcase is that our five-year-old is unable to stow the scooter platform on his own. I never quite got the hang of doing it gracefully. Each time we had to transition I had to pull over, set everything down and change it from a rolling bag to a scooter or vice versa.

I love that this made our five-year-old nearly autonomous. He had all his own luggage and never complained about the long airport walk or the walk from the hotel to the train station.

It even served as entertainment on a flight delay. We found an empty hallway and let him scoot himself silly. We did find that the wheels left skid marks on the airport floor when he applied the brake.


In addition to its use as luggage the Zinc Flyte is perfect for an outing. We’ve taken to loading the suitcase with our jackets, water bottle and other things we need and heading out. It’s a great little traveling bag.

It should be noted that this is a full blown scooter. We live in the Netherlands where a helmet and pads are not typically worn, even by children, on wheeled devices. We accept that risk. The five-year-old picks up some serious speed on the scooter even in the airport. Some people may feel that safety equipment is necessary with this piece of luggage.

We love the Zinc Flyte scooter suitcase. If you see us in the airport, we will likely have it with us. I will take the extra weight any time over having to lug my child along behind us. Its capacity to carry his own luggage is a bonus!

Zinc Flyte sent us a Midi Scooter suitcase in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own. 

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